Paul Anka – Think Im In Love Again chords


Intro: C-FM7-C-FM7
C AmHere I go again tripping on my own feet
C AmLately it seems I've been being old foolish me
FM7 G Em AmMumble when I try to talk, stumble when I try to walk
D7 GLike I'm in a state of shock when I'm with you.
C AmHere I go again looking just like a clown
C AmEverything I say is wrong whenever you're around
FM7 G Em AmSomehow I get kinda shy and I can't look you in the eye
D7 GI come all apart inside when I'm with you.
FM7 G Em Am Think I'm in love again grinning that silly grin
Dm G C C7Look what a fool I've been think I'm in love again
FM7 G Em AmLately I lost my mind and I do it every time
Dm G C FM7Yes I know all the signs of being in love.
C AmI won't lie to you Ive been in love before
C AmBut I think that you're the one that I've been waiting for
FM7 G Em AmBeen around I'll admit but this time all the pieces fit
D7 GSomething tells me this is it when I'm with you.
Repeat Refrain Ad lib: FM7-G-Em-Am-Dm Repeat Refrain
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