Paul Anka – You Are My Destiny chords

You Are My Destiny:Paul Anka.
#6 in UK, #14 R&B and #7 on BB Hot 100
on ABC-PARAMOUNT Records in 1958.

Gm Cm're my destiny..
D7 Gm CmYou are my are what you are
to me.
Cm D7 Gm Cm GmYou are my happiness..that's what you are.
GmYou have my sweet share my
Cm D7You are my dream come true..that's what
Gm Cm Gmyou are.
D7 Gm D7Heaven and Heaven alone..can take your love
Gmfrom me.
Cm GmCause I'd be a ever leave you, dear.
A D7And a fool I'd never be.
D7 Gm CmYou are my share my reverie.
D7You're more than life to me..that's what
Gmyou are.
D#7 G#m C#mYou are my share my reverie.
D#7You're more than happiness..that's what
G#myou are.
D#7 G#mMy destin..y..(Fade.)
A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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