Paul Baloche – Glorious tab

Paul Baloche
From "Glorious" 

This is 100% accurate, but there are some little lead ditties left out so
you can get creative on those parts.

Capo 5
102 BPM
Intro x2
G / Bm / Em / C 

Verse 1:
G                        Bm   Em
Look inside the mystery,      See the empty cross
D4                      C9 
See the risen Saviour,  Victorious and strong
G                        Bm   Em
No one else above Him,        None as strong to save 
D4                       C9 
He alone has conquered,  The power of the grave 

Chorus 1
     C                                             G   
Glorious, my eyes have the seen the glory of the Lord
     C                                        G
Glorious, He stands above the rulers of the Earth

Verse 2:
Look beyond the tombstone, see the living God 
See the resurrected - Ruler of my heart
No one else above Him, None to match his worth
The hope of his returning - fills the universe

Chorus 2
     C                                             G   
Glorious, my eyes have the seen the glory of the Lord
     C                                        G
Glorious, He stands above the rulers of the Earth
     D         Em  
Glorious, glorious
         C    D     G   /  Bm  /  Em  /  C 
Lord you  are glorious

G / Bm / Em            C
Oh___________ You are Glorious

Chorus 2
Bridge/out - End on G

Verse (relative to capo 5)e|---------------------------------------------------------------------|B|------------3-----------3--------------------------------------------|G|--0-2-4-2-4---0-2-4-2-4---0-2-4-2------------------------------------|D|---------------------------------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------------|
Paul plays the Bm like this:e|--2-----|B|--3-----|G|--0-----|D|--0-----|A|--2-----|E|--------|
Pretty much a Gmaj7... Chad Miller
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