Paul Baloche - Just To Be With You chords version 3

Capo: 2
C Am GLord my life is an empty cup
C Am GHere's my heart would you fill me up
FI'm face to the ground
GForsaking my pride
FLeaving my will
GMy burdens behind
C GAll I want. All I need
AmIs just to be with you
FJust to be with you
(Rest of song same.) Lord I've come to the end of me And there's nothing I have to bring But you say I belong You say I'm yours Nothing compares To knowing you more (chorus x1) Bridge:
F CCos you made a way for me
Am GOh savior
F Am GI'm yours forevermore
(Same) Cos you made a way for me Oh savior I'm yours forevermore I'm yours forevermore Chorus x2
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