Paul Baloche – Almighty chords ver. 2

Almighty Chords by Paul Baloche

h = Hammer on & p = Pull off-----------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------| (x2)-h3p0-(x16)--h2p0-(x8)--h3p0(x4)h2p0(x4)-|-----------------------------------------|
[Verse 1]
AmOne day
FSovereign and Almighty
GYou will show Your power
C EAnd forever reign
AmOn that day
FEvery earthly ruler
GWill bow their knee before You
C EAnd revere Your name
[Pre chorus]
AmHoly holy
DLord Almighty
G ELord we long for Your return
[Verse 2]
AmOne day
FWe will fall before You
GBow in adoration
C EHearing angels sing
AmOn that day
FWe will join the chorus
GOvercome with wonder
C ELifting up our King
[Pre chorus] [Chorus]
F CIn the twinkling of an eye
GWe will be changed
Am F C Am GWe will meet You in the sky Almighty
F CAll the heavens and the earth
GWill sing Your praise
Am F C Am GAnd Your people will rejoice Almighty
F C Am G Almighty
[Intro] [Verse 3]
AmOne day
FYou Will judge the nations
GYou’ll reward Your servants
C EBoth the great and small
AmOn that day
FThose who rose against You
GWill finally confess You
C EAs the Lord of all
[Chorus] x2 END
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