Paul Baloche - Faithful To Lead tab

Faithful To Lead
Paul Baloche, Ed Kerr

Key: A
A   Bm  A              D      E
You are faithful to lead us on,
A    Bm    A         D        E
more than able to keep us strong;
E                           A/C#   D
walking before us You light our way,
Bm7           E       A
faithful to lead us on.

Verse 1:
E                    D           A   D  A  D
You've brought us out of the wilderness,
E            D              A2
guiding us home by Your hand;
G                 D/F#     A
Now You're preparing a place for us,
       B/D#        E
we'll go, we'll stand.

Verse 2:
Called out of darkness into Your light,
chosen to lift up Your name;
We'll see Your kingdom established here,
come rule, come reign.
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