Paul Baribeau - Brown Brown Brown tab version 1

I've been trying to figure out this song for the longest time, and I finally got it, by 
his videos.

These are the chords used for the intro and the bridge. You can figure out your own pattern and play it how you like.e)-------------------------------------|B)-------------------------------------|G)7---------7---------4---------2------|D)7---------7---------4---------2------|A)5---------4---------2---------0------|E)x---------x---------x---------x------|
These are the chords for the verses.e)----------------------------------------------------------|B)----------------------------------------------------------|G)--------------------------------1-------1-----------------|D)7---4---7---4---7---4---7---4---2---4---2---7---4---7---4-|A)7---4---7---4---7---4---7---4---2---4---2---7---4---7---4-|E)5---2---5---2---5---2---5---2---x---2---x---5---2---5---2-|
And it just repeats! Enjoy! Sounds right to me, and other people I've shown. This is my first tab (doesnt it seem like every tab is somebodys first?) Let me know how i did. questions/comments?
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