Paul Brady - Oh What A World chords

Nice song for acoustic guitar. 
Comments/Corrections welcome!

C    F
C    F

C GCried a lotta blues up and down the street
Am FI'd lose everything I had but I would not lose the beat
C GOh yeah, oh no!
C G E7Had a lotta lovin', bitter and the sweet
Am FBring you up in glory, drop you in defeat
C GOh yeah, oh no!
FOh what a world!
FOh, what a world we live in
CBut it's the one we're given
FStand up and face the trouble!
C GBaby, I'm gonna love you
C FAnd you can try to love me too
C G FOh, yeah, oh, no! Oh, what a world!
C GMiddle of the night, wake up in a sweat
Am FThe devil's gonna get me but he has not got me yet
C GOh yeah, oh no!
C G E7Reach out and I hold you and we double up our love
Am FIf I wind up down below you will you watch me from above?
C GOh, yeah oh, no!
FOh, what a world!
repeat chorus
GOh, yeah!
Baby keep hangin on Oh, no! don't you ever let go Oh, yeah! There's a wind comin' up
FOh, no!
And the sun's bound to show
C GTake you to the races, put our money down
Am FPick up all our winnings, dance all over town
C GOh, yeah! oh, no!
FOh, what a world!
Repeat chorus to play out.......Enjoy!
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