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Paul Cary – Angel From Heaven chords

Capo 3

			     Angel From Heaven - Paul Cary

Tabbed by: Fordprefectao

Tuning: Standard, Capo 3


e|-----------------------|B|-0---------------------|G|-----0-----------------| X4D|-------2-------0-------|A|----------2h4----------|E|-----------------------|
e|-----------------------------|B|-----------------------------|G|--------0---0h2-0-2----------|D|-2--2h4-----2---2------------| X2A|-0--0------------------------|E|-----------------------------|
|------------------------------|B|-0---------------------------|G|-----0-----------------------| X2D|-------2-------0-------------|A|----------2h4----------------|E|-----------------------------|
Play mostly the lower three strings, and add in a 7th chord every once in a while.
EPretty haired girl
That I seen around
AYou know she works on the dock
On the dirty side of town
EAnd she probably gets asked out
200 times a day
ASo I better think of something a little more
witty or clever to say
EMaybe I oughta tell'er shes ugly
And wait for her reaction
AAnd if i get her attention
Thats when I'll start asking
EAre you an angel from heaven
Did you fall down from the sky
ADid they let you keep your wings
Are they still workin can you fly
EUs away
AMMM Can you fly us away
(Repeat everything once)
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