Paul Colman - Gloria All Gods Children tab

ok nothing fancy, its just standard eadgbe tunning, its not perfect, but its good enough 

the D2 that i use goes

A    D2  G (don't need chords, its kinda better spoken w/o music)
Gloria Gloria 2x (2nd time with harmony)

D D2 Dsus D (repeats the entire verse)

We all walk the same earth
We all breathe the same air
We all feel the same rain that falls
Every knee will bow down
Every tongue will say out loud
That you’re the King and the Maker of all

D                   Bm7(i think)
All God’s children, all God’s children
       A   Em       G
Sing Gloria,   sing Gloria
D              Bm
All creation, come before Him
       A   Em      G
Sing Gloria, sing Gloria

Verse II:
D D2 Dsus D (rpts)
We all have the same heart
Beneath our skin the same blood
Flowing from our maker’s hand
We all wear the same wrong
But we’re covered by God’s Holy One
Our voices sing and we can’t help but stand


A2         Em              A2
All of my sins are washed away
              Em                A2
Covered with love and saved by grace
            Em                 A2
So let the earth resound with this the sound we make

A    D2    G
Gloria, gloria 2x

chorus half way no instruments, maybe a bass kick on the drums, nothing more though. 
repeats, and end on D
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