Paul Dempsey – Bats chords

Left handed
Okay, so this song is standard tuning with a capo on 3rd. The chord names are at 
the end of the tab, the Dsus2/F# technically has a 7th in it as well, but 
whatever. Hopefully the formatting is preserved, the chord changes are kind of 
weird, especially in the chorus. Also, if anyone can improve on the little bit 
between the first chorus and second verse, that'd be much appreciated. Enjoy!

C Am C Amcome rebuild your memory with a small mountain of burning leaves
C Em6 Fand a swinging wire door that slams shut like a guillotine
C Amstrum a note up in the wires
C Amto send bats down the river, seagulls around spires
C Em6and shred all the twilight, scatter it city-wide
F Dsus2/F#those average angels
F Dsus2/F#the drunken saints with heavy heads
Fthey can keep dreaming,
Em Fm Cdreaming of sleep down the end of the bed
F Em Fm Cbut nobody's ever gonna break your heart again...
(not 100% on this bit, pick the chords) C F C Am G
C Am Cand the high-pitched, crooked thoughts
Am Cthat ricocheted off the walls
Em6 F Cshe just set them down quiet, safe in her dresser drawer
C Amshe laid me out on the laundromat floor
C Amand said you'll be not nearly who you were anymore
C Em6and i'll always be here to remind you what time is for
F Dsus2/F#and those average angels
F Dsus2/F#the drunken saints with heavy heads
F Dsus2/F#you see their spirits are cowering under the table
Fand they're still counting,
Em Fm Ccounting the breaths under their breath
F Em Fm Cbut nobody's ever...
F Em Fm C nobody's ever gonna break your heart again...
Chords: C: x32010 Am: x02210 Em6: 022010 F: 133210 Dsus2/F#: 2X0210 Em: 022000 Fm: 133111 G: 320033 Use your thumb for the bass notes in the F and Dsus/F# chords
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