Paul Evans – Happy Go Lucky Me tab

Left handed
Happy Go Lucky Me
Paul Evans

[A] I can [E] laugh [D] when things ain't [A] funny
[A] Ha, ha, [E] happy-go-lucky [A] me
[A] Yea, I can [E] smile [D] when I ain't got [A] no money
[A] Ha, ha, [E] happy-go-lucky [A] me

[D] It may sound silly, but [A] I don't care
[E] I got the moonlight, I got the sun
[A] I got the stars above

[D] Me and my filly
Well, [A] we both share
[E] Slappy-go-happy, [D] happy-go-lucky [E] love
Well, [A] life is sweet [E]
Whoa-ho, [D] sweet as honey [A]
Ha, ha, [E] happy-go-lucky [A] me

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