Paul Gilbert - Oh Jenor tab

			     Oh Jenor - PAUL GILBERT
Tabbed by: Mike_JV

Another great acoustic song from Paul. I was watching his YouTube video
and found a request for the chords, so here they are.

In this video Paul sometimes uses different positions for the same chord, I 
haven't listed them because it doesn't make a difference to the overall song, it still 
sounds killer! 

Verse 1:

   C          G                     F
Oh Jenor, you better call me on the phone

       C               G                   F
'Cause I've been, just waiting for you all alone

       C              E7            F            D7
If you weren't so far away, I would make my move today

    Dm                    F       G          C
But until then, I'll just have to write this song


Verse 2 (lyrics [ chords are same as verse 1 ]):

Oh Jenor, your name is always on my mind
You're better, than any girl that I can find
If I had you here with me, I would try to make you see
But until then, I'll have to sing this song 



             Am       Em     F           Dm             C
Everything I think of you, I try to tell myself this is crazy

              Am          Em             F             Dm             Gsus4   G
But if all my dreams come true, it would be so good to get yes from a maybe 



Just play these chords. Paul does some fancy stuff here but I didn't have
time to tab it out.

|C    |G    |F    |F    |  play twice


Verse 3 (lyrics):

       C              E7          F             D7
Yeah I saw it in your eyes, now I wait for your replies

         Dm          F          G            C
But it's over, and I guess that you've moved on

       Dm             F          G         C
It was so good, but I guess that right was wrong

       Dm               F         G       C
And at least I hope you like your own pop song. 



    Csus4         C -- Repeat twice            G               C

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