Paul Gilbert - String Skipping tab

Alright this lick sounds awsome, but it is a string skipping lick so you guys that know 
to string skip you'll get it better and what i'm going for. heres the link to watch PG 

Heres a hint only pick the first note on each string. I'm pretty sure this is a D Major 
i might be wrong

h-hammer on
p-pull off
T-tap with index finger

first time

Second time when he taps this he holds the pick inbetween the thumb and middle finger while he taps with the index finger.
T T Te|----------7h10-12h-15/19\15p-12p10p7-------------------|b|-------------------------------------------------------|g|----7h9-12-------------------------12p9p7--------------|d|-------------------------------------------------------|a|-10----------------------------------------10----------|e|-------------------------------------------------------|
thats it, but it starts out slow then speeds up pretty quickly.
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