Paul Kalkbrenner – Sky And Sand chords ver. 3

Capo first !

CIn the nighttime
Gwhen the world is at it's rest
AmYou will find me
emIn a place I know the best
Fdancin' shoutin'
Gflying to the moon
Am(you) don't have to worry
GCause I'll be come back soon
Cand we build up castles
GIn the sky and in the sand
Amdesign our own world
emain't nobody understand
FI found myself alive
GIn the palm of your hand
AmAs long as we are flying
G Oh this world ain't got no end
CIn the daytime
GYou will find me by your side
Amtrying to do best
emand trying to make things right
FWhen it all turns wrong
GThere's no fault but mine
AmBut it won't hit hard
GCause you will let me shine
It's my first tab, so don't be cruel ;)
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