Paul Kelly - Leaps And Bounds chords

Paul Kelly and The Coloured Girls
Leaps and Bounds.

Standard Tuning.

lead -e--------2-----2---2------------------|B---0--------------------5----5-----0-|G----4-4---4-4---4---4-4---4-4--4-4---|D-------------------------------------|A-------------------------------------|E-------------------------------------|
bass at 13.0 seconds
Rhythm guitar.B --- E
BI'm high on the hill
ELooking over the bridge
BTo the M.C.G.
EAnd way up on high
BThe clock on the silo
ESays eleven degrees
B EI remember I remember
BI'm breathing today
EThe month of May
B EAll the burning leaves
BI'm not hearing a sound
EMy feet don't even
BTouch the ground
B EI remember I remember
B EI go leaps and bounds
G# F#Down past the river
EAnd across the playing fields
G# F#The fields all empty
EOnly for the burning leaves
B EI remember I remember
B EI go leaps and bounds
B EI remember everything
someone please tab solo.
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