Paul Kelly – Down To My Soul chords ver. 2

Left handed
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Down to my soul

Capo 3 


C      Em      C      Em


Em BmWe light the dark and lie us down to pray
Em BmAll night long we keep the dogs at bay
C BmIf I had my time over again
C DYou know that I, I wouldn’t change a thing
D CYou touch me down
C GYou touch me down
G BmDown to my soul
C GDown to my soul
You wake me up speaking dreams of dawn I reach and touch the fine lines time has born For all the world I wouldn’t change my place Your mixed up tears falling on your face CHORUS Bridge:
AmNo other kiss
CEver felt like this
G DSuch tenderness
AmSo give me one more kiss
CCause every time we kiss
Em DAll heaven breaks loose
Chorus x 2
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