Paul Kelly - Every Fucking City chords

AWe argued on the channel train to Paris
EThe vanrougue helped us make it sweet again
BmBut by the time that we got down to Lyon
AEverything I said was wrong
EAnd you cursed me in the rain
AWe split up for a while in Barcelona
EWe met up six days later in Madrid
BmI was hoping that the break would
make it go a little better for us
A EAnd for a little while it almost did
DNow I'm in a bar in Copenhagen
AAnd I'm tryin' hard to forget your name
G EAnd I'm staring at the label of a bottle of cervasa
AAnd every fucking city looks the same
AYou said to call me when I got to London
EA French girl said you'd left a note
BmI said to her 'I like your accent'
And she thought I sounded funny
A ESo we ended up drinking in Soho
AFoolishly I followed you to Dublin
ELike a ghost I walked the streets of Temple Bar
BmAnd all the bright young things
were throwing up their Guinness in the gutters
A EAnd once I thought I saw you from afar
DNow I'm in a nightclub in Helsinki
AAnd they're playing La Vida Loca once again
GAnd I can't believe I'm dancing to this crap
Ebut I'm a chance here
AAnd every fucking city sounds the same
[Modulate up one step to B]
BAt a cafe; in the port of Amsterdam
F#An email from you said you'd gone to Rome
C#mFor a minute I thought maybe
but my funds were running low
B F#And anyway it sounded like you weren't alone
BSo I headed north 'til I got to Hamburg
F#A chilly city suits a troubled soul
C#mAnd on the Reaperbahn
I paid a woman far too much
B F#To kick me out before I'd even reached my goal
ENow I'm in a restaurant in Stockholm
BAnd the waiter here wants me to know his name
AAnd I can order sandwiches
F#in seven different languages
BBut every fucking city looks the same
A F#Arevaderci, au revoiur, auf weidersein, hasta la
BEvery fucking city's just the same.
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