Paul Mccartney – Golden Earth Girl tab

 D     D/F#        G6     F#m/Bb
Golden earth girl, female animal
Am    Am7 Am6 Am    G6         GMaj7 G
sings to  the wind, resting at sun- set,
D(#5)-D(#5)/2   D/A
u-     uh. In a mossy nest
         Em7                   D
sensing moonlight in the air (moonlight in the air).

Good clear water, friend of wilderness,
sees in the pool her own reflection,
uh. In another world
Em7            A
someone over there is counting.

 G          G6                A    A7  A6  A
Fish in sunbean, in eggshell seas.
 G          G6                A
Fish in sunbean, in eggshell finish.

Nature's lover climbs the primrose hill,
smiles at the sky watching the sunset,
uh. From a mossy nest.
As she falls asleep she's counting...

Fish in sunbean,...

Inter: with chords of the first part.

Fish in sunbean,...
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