Paul Mccartney – Twenty Flight Rock tab ver. 2

I figured this out by watching nowhere boy and listening to it really closely

chords: A D EE|---------|---------|---------|B|---------|---------|---------|G|---------|------2--|---------|D|------2--|-0-4-----|---------|A|-0-4-----|---------|------2--|E|---------|---------|-0-4-----|Intro: A
Verse: A Ooh, well, I got a girl with a record machine, A when it comes to rockin', she's a queen. D Went to a dance on a saturday night, A (you could play nothing at this line) all alone where I could hold her tight. E She lives on the twentieth floor uptown. A The elevator's broken down.
Chorus: A D EE|---------|---------|---------|B|---------|---------|---------|G|---------|-2-4-5-4-|---------|D|-2-4-5-4-|-0-0-0-0-|---------|A|-0-0-0-0-|---------|-2-4-5-4-|E|---------|---------|-0-0-0-0-|
A So I walk one, two flight, three flight four, A five, six, seven flight, eight flight more. D Up on the twelfth I'm starting to sag, A fifteen before I'm ready to drag. E D A Get to the top and I'm too tired to rock. outro: short and sweet
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