Paul Mccartney – I Owe It All To You tab

I owe it all to you

Author: Paul McCartney
Album: Off the ground
Tabbed by: David Oriola


-----------------------| x2-----------------------|-----4----4----4----4--|----6----4----4----4---|---6----4----6----4----|--4----6----7----6-----|
Verse 1 The first four lines of every verse sound like the intro but the fourth line ends different. "Last night you helped me through, Took me to the lovers zone. I saw there, images
Projected on a wall of stone"-----------------------------|-----------------------------|-----------4-----------------|-------6------------------4--|----6---------------1--4-----|--4-------------2------------|
E B I stood inside Egyptian temples, E B I looked into eternal gardens, E G#m Lay on the shores of distant islands F# E Listening to the sea birds song of joy Chorus C#m F# B Oh-I owe it all to you E You make me happy C#m F# B Oh-I owe it all to you Verse 2 sounds like the first one and then chorus repeats.
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