Paul Mccartney - Kicked Around No More tab

Intro:[Gm  FMaj7] x4

Gm                                   FMaj7
 Take my blessings with you when you go,
Gm                     FMaj7
 I don't wanna know no more.
Gm                        FMaj7
 Head to toe, from top to bottom I've been kicked around,
Gm                               FMaj7
 Don't wanna be kicked around no more.

Inter:[Gm  FMaj7] x2

I'll be thinking of you when you go,
take a walk along the shore.
Why should I pretend that nothing is the matter now?
Don't wanna be kicked around no more.

BbMaj7                 Am
 My life could be so sweet,
   C#            Dm     Dm/C
I can't remember when I started running.
BbMaj7                     Am
 The water underneath the bridge
 C#                  Dm          Dm/C  BbMaj7
can't keep a secret, she's still running home.
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