Paul Mccrane – Is It Okey If I Call You Mine tab

Title: Is it okey if I call you mine 
Artist: Paul mcCrane

Playing this song is not so hard bacause 
the chords used here is 
simply or repeatedly play.

Intro: ( C - G - Bm - Am )
C        G                 Bm
 Is it Okey if I call you mine, 
Am            Dm - Dm+M7 - Dm7
 Just for a time.
F            G        Am
 And I would be just fine, 
       F             Dm         G
 If I know that you know that I 
                           C - G - Bm - Am
 wanting, needing your love.      

C             G           Bm
 If I ask of you is it alright, 
                  Am         Dm 
 if I ask you to hold me tight
           Dm+M7      Dm7  
 Through a cold dark night. 
        F              G              Am
 Cause maybe there's a cloudy days in sight, 
        F               Dm            G
 and I need to let you know that i might 
                    C- G -Bm - Am - Dm - Dm+M7 - Dm7
 be needing your love.    ooooohh...

  F                   G               Am
 What I'm trying to say isn't really new,
                F                    Dm
 it's just the things that happen to me 
 when i'm reminded of you.

 Like when i'm here your name 
     G                         Bm
 or see the place that you've been
            Am              Dm
 or see the picture of you grim
             Dm+M7               Dm7
 or pass the house that you been in

 one time or another
      F                   G                 Am
 it says all something to me that i can't explain 
        F            Dm         G
 and I can't wait to see you again 
                       C - G - Bm - Am - Dm - Dm+M7 - Dm7
 oh babe I love your love

Repeat refrain...fade

I'm not an expert, i'm just only an apprentice but i'm sure about this cause
i steal it to my friend. if you got something to tell or ask i have an e-mail
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