Paul Oakenfold – Faster Kill Pussycat tab

This is a great song featuring the talented Brittany Murphy (RIP). It's pretty simple,
but I couldn't find any tabs on the net for it. So I decided to tab it out myself. This
is deadly accurate.

Tabbed by: Chris Schmidt

Tuning: E Standard

Main Riff: This repeats throughout the song. NON STOP. Easy, right? Right? RIGHT!?
Careful though, that little D5 at the end there is only played SOMETIMES after the third
repeat of the riff!

The Melody: Two Parts and we've got the whole song down? If only everything was this easy! Break out your best Wah pedal for this! Originally this was played on an effects heavy synth, but it sounds way cooler with a wah pedal. Listen closely to the song for the exact rhythm!
Sweet! Now you can play the whole song. Makes ya feel all warm and fuzzy doesn't it? You can throw in lots of variations by soloing with Gminor/pentatonic over the entire song!
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