Paul Oakley – Coming Alive tab

Verse 1
I am coming alive to You, I could never deny
        G		          		                        	D
You are all that I want, all that I need, Jesus
You took all of my shame at the cross, You made a way
	         G					                	             D
There is no greater love, poured out Your life, Jesus

(D)	       Bm	         G          D
And if the stars fall from the sky
(D)	       Bm	         G        D
And if the sun should fail to shine
(D)	        Bm        G      D
I know Your love will never die
G			                          	  D
I will be Yours forevermore, Jesus

Verse 2
There is no other name yesterday, tomorrow today
You are always the same, You never change Jesus
No eye ever has seen and no mind could ever conceive
All the good that You have waiting in store for us

D		                          Bm		                 	   G	D
 There is no one else like     You, no one else so   true, Jesus, only   You
D			                          Bm		         	               G
 Your love washed away my       shame, breaks away my    chains
Makes my life brand   new
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