Paul Simon – Baby Driver tab

song: Baby Driver
artist: Paul Simon

Note: to play with the record you need to dune down your guitar by one half-step.


During the song there are more E7 ish? bends like the one below.e:--0-----------------|--|-9b10-------------|------------|B:--8b9--8b9---7-7--5-|--|-8b9--8b9---7-7--5|---7b9--7b9-|G:--6b7--6b7---5-5--4-|x2|------6b7---5-5--4|------------|D:--8b9--8b9---7-7----|--|------8b9---7-7---|------------|A:--------------------|--|------------------|------------|E:--------------------|--|------------------|------------|
During song: E E6 riff "E bass" "A bass"e:-----0--0-0---0-0-|----|--------------|--------------|B:-----0--2-0---2-0-|----|--------------|--------------|G:-----1--1-1---1-1-|----|-----------1--|--2--2--2--2--|D:-----2--2-2---2-2-|-x2-|--2--2--2--2--|--2--2--2--2--|A:-----2--2-2---2-2-|----|--2--2--2--2--|--0--4--5-----|E:--0--0--0-0---0-0-|----|--0--4--5-----|--------------|
Verse 1: -------- E bass My daddy was a family bassman, my mama was an engineer, and I was born one dark gray morn' A bass E E6 riff with music comin' in my ears, in my ears. Chorus: ------- A bass (played 4 times here) They call me Baby Driver, and once upon a pair of wheels E hit the road and I'm gone A7 G#7 G7 F#7 (<-play in quick succession) what's my num-ber, F#7 I wonder how your engine feels, ba ba ba ba ba, E A7 G#7 G7 F#7 (<-play in quick succession) Scoot down the road, what's my num-ber, F#7 A E I wonder how your engine feels. E7 Badadaaaa
Play the quick succession this way for both occasions A7 G#7 G7 F#7e:---5---4---3---2----|B:---5---4---3---2----|G:---6---5---4---3----|D:---5---4---3---2----|A:---7---6---5---4----|E:---5---4---3---2----|
Break: scat vocals: (basically same chord progression as 1st verse) ------ E A E E6 riff Oooooooo doodadoooooouie Verse 2: (same as verse 1) -------- My daddy was a prominent frogman, my mama's in the Naval reserve, when I was young, I carried a gun, but I never got the chance to serve, I did not serve. Chorus 2: same as chorus 1 --------- Saxo Solo: ---------- Play over the chords for the verse and chorus, with harmonies by Simon and Garfunkel and motorcycle noises Verse 3: -------- My daddy got a big promotion, my mama got a raise in pay. There's no one home, we're all alone; Oh, come into my room and play, yes, we can play. Chorus 3: --------- I'm not talkin' about your pigtails, I'm talkin' 'bout your sex-appeal hit the road and I'm gone What's my number, I wonder how your engine feels, ba ba ba ba ba, Scoot down the road, what's my number, I wonder how your engine feels. End: Plays E E6 riff for a while, with dodododoooos. Then shifts gears:
F F6e:----1--1-1--1-1|B:----1--3-1--3-1|G:----2--2-2--2-2|x lotsD:----x--x-x--x-x|A:----3--3-3--3-3|E:--1-1--1-1--1-1|
Motorcycle noises, and commentary... "and the world champion is completing his run off the spectator side...."fade out.
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