Paul Simon – Mother And Child tab ver. 2

I remember looking for this song a while ago and really frustrated with the low quality 
tabsmanship present on this website. So I went off, listened to this song and learned it 
ear. Now I have made it into a tab, 100% guaranteed off the record perfect. Enjoy!

Standard tuning, Capo 2

Intro G G EmE-3--------------|----------------|0---------------|B-3--------------|----------------|0---------------| X 2G-0--------------|----------------|0---------------|D-0--------------|----------------|2---------------|A-2--------------|-------0----2---|2---------------|E-3-333333333333-|---3------------|0-0000000000000-|
C D G No I would not give you false hope C D G On this strange and mournful day C D G Em But the mother and child reunion C G D Is only a motion away Em oh little darling of mine D I can't for the life of me Em remember a sadder day D I know they say let it be Em but it just don't work out that way C And the course of a lifetime runs D over and over again Rinse Repeat, Cheers! tabbed by W.ho. 2010
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