Paul Simon – 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover chords ver. 3

Artist:  Paul Simon
Song:    50 Ways to Leave Your Lover
Album:   Still Crazy After All These Years (1975)


This song sounds better when its chords are strummed by using your thummb and forefinger.

H H H Q Q H H H He-|--3-----2---|---0---------|--0---2---|--2---3----|B-|--5-----0---|---0----1-0--|--0---1---|--4---0----|G-|--4-----2---|---0----2-2--|--0---2---|--2---0----|D-|--5-----0---|---2----1-1--|--2---1---|--4---1----|A-|------------|---3----2-2--|--2-------|------2----|E-|------------|-------------|--0-------|-----------|
H H H Q Q H H We-|--0-----2---|---0---------|--0---0---|--0---------|B-|--0-----0---|---0----1-0--|--0---1---|--0---------|G-|--0-----2---|---0----2-2--|--0---2---|--0---------|D-|--2-----0---|---2----1-1--|--2---2---|--2---------|A-|--2---------|---3----2-2--|--2-------|--2---------|E-|--0---------|-------------|--0-------|--0---------|
Right before the chorus begins, strum the twelfth fret harmonics to give the song a smooth transition It would go as follows (Last Measure of Verse)
H Q Qe-|-0-----------<12>-----------|B-|-0-----------<12>-----------|G-|-0-----------<12>-----------|D-|-2-----------<12>-----------|A-|-2-----------<12>-----------|E-|-0-----------<12>----12\----|
Chorus: Chorus contains three chords, G, Bb, and C. Each chord is strummed for a measure in standard 4/4 count. Here's how the chords would match up with the lyrics.
GYou Just slip out the back, Jack
BbMake a new plan, Stan
CYou don't need to be coy, Roy
GJust get yourself free
GHop on the bus, Gus
BbYou don't need to discuss much
CJust drop off the key, Lee
GAnd get yourself free
And that is how you play Paul Simon's 1975 song, 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover
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