Paul Simon – Kathys Song chords

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Kathy s Song chords
Paul Simon

G C GI hear the drizzle of the rain
Am Em C D7 Like a memory it falls
G Bm G CSoft and warm continuing
Am Em D G C GTapping on my roof and walls
G C GAnd from the shelter of my mind
Am Em C D7 Through the window of my eyes
G Bm G C I gaze beyond the rain drenched streets
Am Em D G C G To England where my heart lies
G C GMy mind's distracted and diffused
Am Em C D7 My thoughts are many miles away
G Bm G CThey lie with you when you're asleep
Am Em D G C G And kiss you when you start your day
G C GAnd a song I was writing is left undone
Am Em C D7 I don't know why I spent the time
G Bm G C Writing song I can't believe
Am Em D G C G With words that tear and strain to rhyme
G C GAnd so you see I have come to doubt
Am Em C D7All that I once held as true
G Bm G C I stand alone without beliefs
Am Em D G C G The only truth I know is you
G C GAnd as I watch the drops of rain
Am Em C D7 weave their weary paths and die
G Bm G CI know that I am like the rain
Am Em D G C G There but for the grace of you go I
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