Paul Simon – Trailways Bus chords

E AA passenger traveling quietly conceals himself
B EWith a magazine and a sleepless pillow
E A Over the crest of the mountain the moon begins its climb
B E And he wakes to find he's in rolling farmland
Am EThe farmer sleeps against his wife
Am G C EmHe wonders what their life must be
Am G A Trailways bus is heading south
F B7 E Into Washington, D.C.
E AA mother and child, the baby maybe two months old
B EPrepare themselves for sleep and feeding.
E AThe shadow of the Capitol dome slides across his face
B E And his heart is racing with the urge to freedom.
Am EThe father motionless as stone,
Am G C EmA shepherd resting with his flock,
Am G The Trailways bus is turning west
F C G D Dallas via Little Rock.
E AO my darling, darling Son
B EThe desert moon is my witness.
E A I've no money to come East,
B EBut I know you'll soon be here
D GWe pull into downtown Dallas by the side of the grassy knoll
A DWhere the leader fell and a town was broken.
D GAway from the feel and flow of life for so many years
A D D7He hears music playing and Spanish spoken
E AThe border patrol outside of Tucson boarded the bus
B EAny aliens here? You better check with us,
E EHow about you son? You look like you got Spanish blood.
B EDo you 'Habla Ingles,' and I understood.
Am EYes, I am an alien, from Mars.
Am G C Em I come to Earth from outer space.
Am GAnd if I traveled my whole life
F C GYou guys would still be on my case
F C G You guys would still be on my case
Am GBut he can't leave his fears behind,
Am G C Em He recalls each fatal thrust
Am GThe screams carried by the wind, .
F C G Phantom figures in the dust
F C GPhantom figures in the dust
F C G Phantom figures in the dust.
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