Paul Thorn – Its A Great Day chords ver. 2

Paul Thorn - It's A Great Day

Transcribed by DWdrummer67. This is a great campfire tune, and as usual... Enjoy!

Tuning: Standard

E A EHave you ever had one of those days when nothin’ goes right
E BYour wife starts bitchin’-‘bout whatever it was she was bitchin' about last night
E A ESo you escape into the bathroom, just to sit there on your thrown
E B EBut after you finish your business, the toilet paper's gone
E A EWell it's a great day… for me to whoop somebody's ass
E BIt's a bad day… so you better get off my back
E A DYou might get cold cocked… if you cross my path
E B E'Cuz it's a great day… for me to whoop somebody's ass
E A EWell I was runnin' late for work, so I poured me some coffee to go
E BAnd just before I had a flat tire, I spilled it all over my clothes
E A EWhen the highway patrol man pulled up, I thought that help was on the way
E B EBut when he saw the tire tool in my hand, he shot me with pepper spray
Chorus: Repeat
E A EWhen I finally made it to work, I was fifteen minutes late
E BI told my boss about the flat tire, but he fired me anyway
E A ESo here I am out in the parking lot, just waiting by his Corvette
E B EI'm gonna’ give him a goodbye present, that he never will forget
Chorus: Repeat Note: Accent some of the E chords with a D note by using your 4th finger on the 3rd b string. You need to play your Es in a “non-barre friendly” position, using your on the first fret.
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