Paul Weller – Time Passes chords

Paul Weller
Time Passes

When playing the G chord hammer on the A string
When playing the C chord hammer on the D string
The chord progression is the same all thru the song,
Hope it sounds ok .......

G CI saw you today, or at least I think it was
G CIt's hard to say, we've all changed so much -
Em DCompelled to look, but I hid my face
C G It's hard to trace - these feelings
C,G,C Gone so soon, the time I spent with you And like an old, old tune-keeps running through my head- I wanted to say, so many things But my mouth went dry - and one word & I'd cry. Slender bride, your beauty shines from you And forever more, I'll be on your side for sure - A light in your life, that always burns for you As time passes.... so quickly. The final stage, we've both reached some way As we board our trains to different stations And the parts we play, and the things we say, Words on the way - to discovery
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