Paul Weller – This Is No Time chords

This Is No Time

Em7 A7This is no time for fumbling
Em7 A7This is no time for turning down
Em7 A7Seems like its no time for wandering
Em7 A7All too much we stumble and fall
Em7 A7We stumble and fall
[Verse 2 is same]
Em7 A7This is no time for dreaming
Em7 A7When you sleep you wake to find
Em7 A7That something or someone
Em7 A7Has stolen your precious time
Em7 A7As you start to climb
Asus4 to Gsus4 Asus4 to Gsus4 Asus4 to Gsus4 F#m
Em7 A7[Verse 4 same like 1 and 2]
Fill before each verse Em7 A7
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