Paul Weller – Come Along chords

    A   Asus4 A5   Asus4

A Asus4 A5 Asus4Come along and be my baby
A Asus4 A5 Asus4Though we've only met
A Asus4 A5 Asus4 DI just wanna take you home and
A A Asus4 A5 Asus4Let nature do the rest
A Asus4 A5 Asus4I've been watching you awhile
A Asus4 A5 Asus4Put me to the test
A Asus4 A5 Asus4Wondering what is going on
D A Asus4Underneath that dress
CWatcha say
GLet's just play
FWe got time
BbLet's just see
CWhere this leads
Am Dm G EAnd say goodnight to everything
[Interlude]e|---------3----2------0----|B|--2--------2----2-----2---|G|----2---------------------| x2A|--------------------------|D|--0---0--0--0-0---0--0----|E|--------------------------|
A Asus4 A5 Asus4Chances, chances everywhere
A Asus4 A5 Asus4Take my chances, I don't care
A Asus4 A5 Asus4Lay me down upon that bed
D A Asus4Let nature do the rest
CWatcha say
GCome what may
FWe got life
BbLet's just see
CWhere the seeds
Am Dm G EAre taking us to anywhere
[Solo] [Instrumental] (x3) D A Asus4 C G F Bb C Am Dm G E [Verse]
A Asus4 A5 Asus4Come along and be my baby
A Asus4 A5 Asus4Let's just sink or swim
A Asus4 A5 Asus4 DIn the morning I'll be gone and
A Asus4You'll go back to him
A Asus4 A5 Asus4Sha-la-la-la-la-la-la
A Asus4 A5 Asus4Sha-la-la-la-la
A Asus4 A5 Asus4Sha-la-la-la-la-la-la
D A C G ASha-la-la-la-la
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