Paul Weller - From The Floorboards Up tab

(Song is played with barre chords)

Intro: Esus2     Fsus2  x2
       6 beats   2 beats

Verse 1:

 I've got the feeling from the floorboards up,
 Call it a calling if you like that touch,
A                         C                          Esus2
 Call it what you will, I really don't care too much.

Verse 2:

 I've got a feeling that I know is right,
 I get it most evenings but not every night,
   A                     C                        Esus2
It hangs in the air, and dances like candle light.


A                        C
 Yeah we'll play, we'll play, we'll play,
Papa, from the floorboards up.
A                        C
 Yeah we'll dance, we'll dance, we'll dance,
Mama, from the floorboards up.
A                       C
 Yeah we'll sway, we'll sway as one,
Esus2                  Fsus2 Esus2                 Fsus2 Esus2
  From the floorboards up     From the floorboards up.

Play the rest of the song like this, only changing the lyrics.
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