Paula Abdul - Opposites Attract tab

Artist: Paula Abdul
Song: Opposites Attract
Album: Forever Your Girl
Tabbed By: Don Tago

Standard Tuning (Capo III)

A               C              G           
Baby seems we never ever agree You like the movies 
    C           A                           C         
And I like T.V. I take things serious And you take 'em light
  G                   C 
I go to bed early And you party all night 
A                           C
Our friends are sayin' We ain't gonna last 
    G                   C              A
Cuz I move slowly And baby you’re fast I like it quiet 
    C                     D                          C
And I love to shout But when we get together It just all works out 

        A                       C
I take--2 steps forward I take--2 steps back 
G                     C
We come together Cuz opposites attract 
             A                         C
And you know--it ain't fiction Just a natural fact 
 G                        C
We come together Cuz opposites attract 


and it continutes with the same chords thruout
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