Paulmac – Gonna Miss U tab

Album: The Chill Out Sessions 3 ('2002)
Artist: Paulmac (featuring Abby Dobson)
Title: Gunna Miss U (Track #18/37)
Tabbed by: "DaWolf" (

Here it is, i worked this out on my Classical guitar, but im pretty sure its
played on a bass. Anyway either an Acoustic or Bass works for this song. Sounds
really nice, although its not exactly the best song to listen alot to tab, kinda
depressing. I strongly recomend you listen to the song as you play it. The
version i used was a remix by Kinobe, so if this doesn't sound right get that
version. This is my first tab, and its pretty easy, so enjoy!

Intro/Verse 1 -------------------------------- -------------------------------- ----2--1-2---------------------- --2--------2--0-2------0-2------ 0-----------------3-33-----33-2- --------------------------------
Chorus 1 |--------------------------------------|---------- |--------------------------------------|---------- |--------------------------------------|----2----- |---------------------0-----2--7-5-4---|---------- |333333--222222--0-------/3------------|--0------- |------------------3----|--------------|-------4--Reapeat each note 6 times here Play this at the end of the chorus
Chorus 2 |-----------------------------| |-----------------------------| |----------------------------*| |-----------------------------| |3--3h5-7-6-5-2h3-2-3-1-3-0--*| |-------------|-------------0-| Hold 2 for a bit before hammering and make sure the next parts "flow" into each other
Interlude |------x-x--------x-x-------------x-x---| |------x-x--------x-x-------------x-x---| |----2-2-2------2-2-2-----------2-2-2---| |--2---2-2----2---2-2---2-----2---2-2---| |0-----0-0--0-----0-0-0-----0-----0-0-0-| |------x-x--------x-x-------------x-x---| Palm mute the chords, if you are using a bass try slaping the 2nd string onthe second fret. Remeber chords need to be short and sharp.
Verse 2This verse is the acoustic with some fx, or bass, whatever anyway there is a bassguitar playing different notes, I'll put the bass notes in brackets. If you areplaying bass play the notes in brackets, and acoustic stay the same |----------------------------------| |----------------------------------| |----2--1-2------------------------| |--2--------2--0--2-------0-2------| |0------------------3--33------33-2| |------(4)----(1)-----(2)-----(3)--|
Outro |-------------------| |-------------------| |-------------------| |-------------------| |-------------------| |-8~--7~--5~--4~--0-|Hold each note and follow the violins that play in the background
Then we have a vocal outro and thats it enjoy! Order: Intro x2 Verse x2 Chorus 1 x1 Verse x4 Chorus 2 x2 (or one if you follow the repeat sign, so basically play the pattern twice) Interlude x1 Verse 2 x4 Chorus 1 x1 Outro x4
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