Pavement – Baptist Blacktick tab

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From: (John Billington)

I've been meaning to tab out the solo to this because its really simple
but I never got around to it.   If someone does the solo, please send it to me.

Pavement fans: send me your tabs/chords/lyrics that aren't on the net.

Baptist Blacktick
from, "westing by musket and sexton"
transcription by: John Billington 11/16/94 (

Four bar riff for verse:
[C= power chord 3rd fret (or 8th)
 A= open chord (or 5th) ]

C C  C A   C    C C C    C   C#
| |  |_|   |    |_|_|    |   |   

C C  C C#  C    C C C    C   A
| |  |_|   |    |_|_|    |   |   


I'm Just waiting
waiting for the baptist
that sad suck-off left me in damascus
I'm Just waiting
waiting for the baptist
that sad suck-off, that shit  left me nowwwwwwww


BASS:C     A     C   A G  C   A   C        A G   C   A  C  A G    FFF....         

then cut to (this ascends towards C-chord of verse): Ab A Bb B //// ///// //// ///// [Solo over verse progression] I'm just wasting, wasting all the black ticks Queens way's rockers, enough to make your ears twitch I'm wasting, wasting all the Black tits ??? Some reddish sins, some grey - is it now ??? [repeat bridge riff] I'm just waiting, waiting for a black jet That fucker...... Ahhhhhhh.. [out chorus] That fucker left me now that suck left me now that sun left me now ...
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