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                           "Easily Fooled"
                             by Pavement 

This song is a b-side on the "Rattled by the Rush" single, although a much
different and much better version can be found on the fourth (I think)
Peel Session, which is included in _Stuff Up the Cracks_, where the song
is called "The Stucliffe Catering Song".  Here goes:  

B                  G#
Hey, do you need a reason
Is there a separate season
     E                        B
From which to come out of the spring
I wait all summer long
And then the winter's long
Then it's longer than afterwards
I don't need a timekeeper
I don't need an interlocuter
And baby you will look a little cuter 
Day by day
If you need a trademark for you sound
You'd better look around
Treat it like a window not a door
                E       B
You'll get some more  

Baby I could be a squirt 
Loosen up your magic dirt
F#              E                    B
Waiting for the excellent coming of age

Maybe then you'd squirt along
E(VII)           F#(IX)
Sing along, sing along

B    A     E(VII)
So easily fooled
B    A     E  etc.
so easily fooled             
so easily fooled   
So easily fooled
(THe song repeats from the beginning at this point)

Hey, I just want some respects
I might be enough to cover you up
And hold you down
Whistle you up and then run you around

Look at me once you might see that the color is red
Blurring up your eyes and your head
Listen to your summer when you want to go down to the beach

Coppertones and empire homes      
Everybody needs a home
Takes centuries to build
And seconds to fall

I waited so patiently for you to fall
But you never fall

So easily fooled
You are so easily fooled
So easily fooled

That's about it.  Send me any questions, comments, or whatnot.
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