Pavement – Serpentine Pad tab

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From: rae4a@poe.acc.Virginia.EDU (JEZMUND TFB)

Serpentine Pad
from Pavement's album "Wowee Zowee"
tab by Jezmund Eppink,

The verse:

A5 power chords, tickling a G5 power chord at the beginning of every
couple measures, and at the beginning of each measure during the
second part of the verse.  Here's the gist with a lame attempt at the lyrics.

A5                             G5
Frequently called nothin' buts 
A5                            G5
Snorin' when you snap it back
A5       G5
A5             G5
Knows it's you
A5         G5   A5  
Why won't you admit it, scream

That E5 is:G--9--D--9--A--7--E-----
Then, the little bridge-riff is: A--7----8--7- And take it all Verse again, then the chorus, which goes like this: A5 single-note A (7th fret on D) D5 I be-lieve, A-note C5 E5 that I'll never leave your serpentine pad. (just in case yr wondering, all the chords are barre) My interpretation of the lyrics: Frequently called nothin' buts Snorin' when you snap it back Everybody, knows it's you, why won't you admit it, scream! You And take it all Corporate integration From the corporation I don't need this corporation attitude Tude tude tude --Chorus-- I believe, That I'll never leave Your serpentine pad Darlin' when you wake up Better ask the grown-ups If they have, hose and twine, leave the man who needed the lice Think it might Be another scene, bet I don't wanna know, but I don't know, if I should, if I could or if I would, anyway (serpentine pad) --Chorus-- End.
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