Pavement - Sister Of Thought tab

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From: E Franklin Dukes 

Here are chords to Father to a Sister of Thought by Pavement from
the Album Wowie Zowie.

Intro   G  Dm  C  x2
Than G  Dm  C  x4
Than Em  Am  G  Dm  C  Am  (at "In Case You wanted to know"
Than the pattern starts again breaking into the Em section at
"you're so misty" lyric.  The G Dm C Am repeats and then song
ends on jam of intro chords in D minor.

Ending riffD ---5-5------+A ------5-5-3-+E -33-3-------+with some variations on that theme.
Rotten device, I'll say it twice Unto much and too much comfort in here Cost too much, too much to relieve you Everywhere eyes no where to die No place to shove your sharpened heel I'm looking, looking for an Italian Face in case you wanted to go I know, I'm reeling in to the end Call and rebuff talking so tough Good bye to the ugly steepl here Good times for ever after I'm just a man, you see who I am I find with my hooks and open my books Dirty blacke cloud Angel of Corpus Christi You're so misty tell me what I want to hear I know, I'm reeling in I know, I'm reeling into the end.
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