Pavement – Father To A Sister Of Thought tab

Transcribed by Michael Chipperfield (12.Oct.2003)

Transcribed with the use of Transcribe Version 6.00 
by Seventh String Software

 * Father To A Sister Of Thought by Pavement *

 from the Album Wowie Zowie.

Chords used

G Dm C A E|--3-------1---------0--------0----------------- B|--3-------3---------1--------2----------------- G|--0-------2---------0--------2----------------- D|--0-------0---------2--------2----------------- A|--2-----------------3--------0----------------- E|--3-----------------0--------0-----------------
--------------------------- intro: G Dm C (x2) --------------------------- G Rotten device, I'll say it twice Dm C G I'm too much, I'm too much comfort in here Dm C Cause too much, too much will leave you G Everywhere eyes, no where to die Dm C G No place to shove your sharpened heel Dm C I'm looking, looking for an Em A G (let ring) Tired place in case you wanted to go Dm C A I know, I'm leaning into the end ------------------------------- The Break: G Dm C (x2) ------------------------------- G Calling the bluffs talking so tough Dm C G Good-bye to the ugly steeple fear Dm C Good times for ever after G I'm just a man, you see who I am Dm C I bind with my hooks and open the books G Dirty black cars Dm C Angel of Corpus Christi Em A G (let ring) You're so mYstic tell me what I want to hear Dm C A G I know, I'm leaning in Dm C A Well I know, I'm leaning into the end -------------------------------------------------- Second Break: G Dm C A (X2) to the end to the end -------------------------------------------------- G Dm C A I know, I'll never go G Dm C A I know, I'll never go -------- outro: --------
E|--------------------------------------------------------------------- B|--------------------------------------------------------------------- G|--------------------------------------------------------------------- x2 D|--------5--------5--3--3--0--------------5------5--3--3-------------- A|-----------------------------3--5-5--3-3------3---------------------- E|----3-3--------3-----------------------------------------5--3--~5~---
E|--------------------------------------------------------------------- B|--------------------------------------------------------------------- G|--------------------------------------------------------------------- D|--------5--------5--3-----0-----------5------5--3-------------------- A|---------------------------------3-3-------3------------------------- E|----3-3--------3-----------------------------------------------------
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