Pavement - Rattled By The Rush tab

This whole song is pretty much tabed correctly, Exept for the intro. You'll
have to mess around with it to get it a bit more correct.

Pants I wear so well, cross your t- shirt smell'se--------------------------------------------------b-4--2--4-------4---------------4--2--4----4--2--4-g-2--2--2-------2---------------0--0--0----0--0--0-d-4--4--4-------4---------------4--4--4----4--4--4-a-2--2--2-------2---------------0--0--0----0--0--0-E--------------------------------------------------
(The first chord is a B7)
Worse than your lie'n I caught my dad cry'ne------------------------------------------2--0--2- b---4--2--4-------4-2-4-----2--3--2--------0--0--0-g---0--0--0-------0-0-0-----0--0--0--------0--0--0-d---4--4--4-------4-4-4-----0--0--0--------2--2--2-a---0--0--0-------0-0-0-----x(I Think)-----0--0--0-E--------------------------------------------------
He uses alot of palm muting on these parts to keep the open strings from drowning out the whole time. These riffs repeat themselves over and over while he sings. There are other guitar parts, but they're easy to figure out.
e-----xb-----x A,B,D,C#,E g-----2 d-----4a-----2E-----x (Chord B)
Another way to do it is:
e----Xb----X A,G,Eg----X d----5 a----5E----5 (Chord G)
Here are those chords: B.... , D to A....., E to B......, C# to A Then on to>>> D to B...., C# to A...., E to B....., C# to A to G to E (Repeat Again)
Pants I wear so well, cross your t's shirt smelle-----------------------------------------------b-4--2--4-------4---------------4--2--4----4--2-g-2--2--2-------2---------------0--0--0----0--0-d-4--4--4-------4---------------4--4--4----4--4-a-2--2--2-------2---------------0--0--0----0--0-E-----------------------------------------------
(The first chord is a B7)
Worse than your lie'n I caught my dad cry'ne------------------------------------------2--0---B---4--2--4--------4-2------2--3--2--------0--0---G---0--0--0--------0-0------0--0--0--------0--0---D---4--4--4--------4-4------0--0--0--------2--2---A---0--0--0--------0-0------0--------------0--0---E------------------------0------------------------
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