Pavement - Our Singer tab

"Our Singer"
Transcribed by Liam Fletcher
Tuning - Drop D


Chord Formations
D G E F# Ae|---------------|B|---------------|G|---------------|D|-0--5--2--4--7-|A|-5--5--2--4--7-|D|-0--5--2--4--7-|
Verse D I've been waitin' Anticipatin' G Sun comes up E D The skies won't sink my soul G I've dreamt of this E but it never comes G but it never comes Chorus F# A G The risin' F# A G The natures dry F# A G F# A G F# A G F# A G F# A Folk! Repeat Intro Verse I've been dreamin' Traced out but dreamin' the sun comes up the blisters burn my soul I'm dreamin of something now of something now Chorus of the risin' the natures dry and all the groovy ones Outro Play D until end
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