Pavement - Hands Off The Bayou tab

Henryk Musolf  - gzuf

That's how I like to play it on acoustic.. sound good enough.
Standard tuning.

RIFF 1 played over verse C and Ge ------------------------------|B ------------------------------|G --5-5-5-5-4-0--4-4-4-2-2-4-0--|D ------------------------------|A ------------------------------|E ------------------------------|
RIFF 2 between the versese ------------------------------|B ------------------------------|G ------------------------------|D ------2-3-5-------------------|A --3-3-------------------------|E -------------3-3-3-5b-5b------|
VERSE 1 C G Run, run to the east confession trash. C G We don't need your thrills or your call-book cash C G Let's just nature's got plans to keep you up there RIFF 2 VERSE 2 C G Swamps, fiddles that whine about the Mayor C G Our caves are divine they've got conditioned air. C G Fan-tail, backwash and factory and rooms will stay up here CHORUS A C Hands off of the bayou. Heel, stay in your state; it's a new south trap. What, what is the bait? Ya silly aqua-cat. War! College exams! You know I learned a lot About the fiction ya tossed and the father's fat and lost, Your failless father lost.. Your chivalry is lost.. Your shivalry in shame. Hands off of the bayou. (get some bombs)
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