Pavement - Type Slowly tab

SONG: Type Slowly
ARTIST: Pavement
ALBUM: Brighten The Corners (Track 6)

Standard Tuning

Sherri, you smell different
G					          D
Get up early in the bed, for you morning comes so easy

Spells have been cast and the urge has been lost
G							    D
Snipers posted bills -- as they should -- of our midnight vacation
F#		   G	       C#                  D
Back on the planet now Ė Iím beginning to see just how
D			             G
Echelon your dreams and theyíll come true
Type slowly

One of us is a cigar stand --
And one of us is a lovely blue incandescent guillotine
The edge of creation is blurred and blushed
Not a lot of room to grow inside this leather terrarium
People of the bay -- it is excruciatingly gray
Face the front when he comes for you
Type slowly

Cherish your memorized weakness
Fashioned from a manifesto -- lady, I am no futurist
Iím my only critic, I

Trolls in the glen are consorting again
The liberals say they donít exist but I know that they do
Reinforce your literal ass -- hit it on the first or second pass
Frozen images, respected few
Type slowly

Wow, that took me a long time...I must have typed too slowly...

By: Taylor Berce
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