Pearl Jam - Angel tab


Date: Tue, 11 Jun 1996 15:56:30 -0400
From: (aaron fried)
Subject: tab: angel by pearl jam

This is the song "Angel" by Pearl Jam. It sounds great acoustically. This 
matches what was played at the Bridge School Benefit(?) and it was on the 
"Angel" 45.

Basically there are four parts...

Part 1 - 

--0-- --0-- --0----0-- --0-- --0----6-- --8-- --8----7-- --9-- --X-- --7-- --9-- --9----0-- --0-- --10- I II III
Slide from chord I to chord II to chord III, this is the part where Eddie sings "Like an Angel..." Part 2 -
--0----0----4----5----5----0-- IV
Using chords I and II from above, play IV, then I, then II, adding III from above every so often. Part 3 - Same as part one. Part 4 - Two Chords
--0-- --0----0-- --0--
--9-- then --8----9-- --9----7-- --7----0-- --0--
Those are the chords I feel work the best. It is easier to listen to the rythyms than for me to try and spell them out. Have fun. -- Aaron Fried
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