Pearl Jam – Do The Evolution tab

The very beginning of the introE---------------------------B---------------------------G----------0-3----------0-3-D-0--3-0-3-----0--3-0-3-----A---------------------------E---------------------------
Melody AE---------------------------B---------------------------G----------0-3----------0-3-D-0--3-0-3-0-1-0--3-0-3-0-1-A-0--3-0-3-----0--3-0-3-----E---------------------------
Melody BE----------B----------G-3---2--1-D-3---2--1-A-3---2--1-E----------
Melody CE-------------------------------------------0-----------------B-------------------------------------------3----333333-3-333-G-------------------------------------------2----222222-2-222-D-3-00-0-0-3-00-0-0-2-0------02------3-020--0-----------------A----------------------3-3--3--31(0)---------------------------E-----------------------------------3-------------------------
I am ahead I am advanced I am the first mammal to wear pants I am at peace with my lust I can kill cause in god I trust, yeh It's evolution, baby I am at peace I'm the man buying stocks on the day of the crash...yeh I'm a beast I'm a truck all the rolling hills I'll flatten'em out...yeh It's herd behavior It's evolution baby I'm a thief I'm a liar there's my church, I sing in the choir (hallelujah......hallelujah......) I'm ahead I'm advanced I'm the first mammal to make plans crawled the earth now I'm higher twenty-ten watch it go to fire It's evolution baby Do the evolution Words by Ed Vedder Music by Stone Gossard
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