Pearl Jam – Immorality tab

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Date: Mon, 13 Nov 1995 15:52:05 -0500
Subject: TAB: Immortality - Pearl Jam


INTRO:  (Play 4 times)

Em / D2 / - X4 Em / D2 / Vacate is the word Em / D2 / Vengeance has no place he swears to her Em / D2 / Em / D2 / Cannot find the comfort in this world Em / D2 / Artificial tears Em / D2 / Vessel stabbed next up volunteers Em / D2 / Em / D2 / Vulnerable, wisdom can't adhere C / Em / A truant finds home C / Em / A wish to hold on C / Em / A / Asus / A / But there's a trapdoor in the sun A / B--3-2-0-0-2- Immortality Em / D2 / - X4 (same chords as first verse) As privileged as a whore Victims in demand for public show Swept out through the cracks beneath the door Holier than thou, how Surrendered, executed anyhow Scrawl dissolved, cigar box on the floor A truant finds home And a wish to hold on Saw a trapdoor in the sun Em / D2 / - X8 A / Immortality Em / D2 / - X2 Em / D2 / Cannot stop the thought Em / D2 / Running in the dark Em / D2 / Coming up a which way sign Em / D2 / All good truants must decide C / Em / Stripped and sold, mom C / Em / Auctioned forearm C / A / And whiskers in the sink C / Em / Truants move on C / Em / Cannot stay long C / A / Some die just to live A / (keep playing and gradually fade out)
From: Date: Tue, 29 Aug 1995 11:14:48 -0400 Subject: immorality! IMMORALITY ----------- by: pearl jam! Hello. This is my first stab at transcibing music, but since i use the nevada Ftp site a lot, i feel i should do my part. After a few other transcitpions, i think mine so far is the best one of Immorailty, here goes:-) Firslty, here is a little advice. Just hold a C7* chord. Then take off your First finger, and bring down your Third finger to the Second string(third fret!!). That is the chord you should hold for the intro!! *(see the end of this file for the fingering:) (Timing is Off, Just Improvise:)
repeat 4x's :that was just the intro:-) now, when that is over, here is the fun part. Firstly get an Em chord, then hit like the 6th string then come heavy on the chord. Then this chord is funny, but try and do the same thing.
hold these frets, and you'll have a weird chord. Do the Same thing where you hit the 6th string, and then come down heavy on the chord. then Chrous time, just play a C Chord 6x's going quickly, then an Em. Do the same thing again. Then do It, but after the Em play a quick A. that's all for now:-( Feel Free To mail me Comments, Questions, Answers, Flames Anything to the following Addreess: ===========================================================Weekends are a bore, Weekdays are a chore ===========================================================
*hold this chord, and continue reading*
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