Pearl Jam - Low Light tab

e: Sun, 15 Mar 1998 10:20:44 -0800
From: Rafael Amaral 
Subject: Corrected:"Low Light" by Pearl Jam.

Song:Low Light
Artist:Pearl Jam

            Tabbed  by Rafael Amaral(

This is Low Light by PG.It's a extremely beautiful song and it's hard
to play.Any comments or any other song from Yield e-mail me at

Intro: C -Bm-G-D/F#-G (2x)E---------------3------3--3--3--------B---------------3-----3-3-3--3--------G--0--0--0------0-----0-0-0--0--------D--2--0--0--0---0----0--0-0--0--------A--3--2--2--0---2---2---2-2-----------E--------3--2---3--3----3-3-----------
Em - C - GE----------------0--0-----0---0-0--------3-B----------------0--0-----0---2-2--------3-G----------------0---0----0---0-0--------0-D----------------2----2---2---2-2--------0-A---3--2---------2-----2-2----3-3--------2-E---------3--2----------0------------------ "Clouds rolls by"
C -Bm-G-D/F#-G (2x)E---------------3------3--3--3--------B---------------3-----3-3-3--3--------G--0--0--0------0-----0-0-0--0--------D--2--0--0--0---0----0--0-0--0--------A--3--2--2--0---2---2---2-2-----------E--------3--2---3--3----3-3-----------Verse:G (fill) (fill)reeling is what they say, is it just my way?Em C GWind blows by...
Chorus: D C D C D Em low light...sidertracked...low light....
Bridge: C - Bm - Am - BmE--------------------------------------B--------------------------------------G--------0~------0~------0------0------D-----2--------2-------2------2--------A--3---------2-------0------2----------E-------------------------------------- C Bm Am Bm C Bm Dcan't see my tracks....your scent-way back...
Verse: G (fill) can i be here alone? Clear a path to my Em C G home...bloods runs dry... G books and jealousy tell me wrong...all i feel calm Em C G D C D C ...wind rolls by...low crash.... D Em low light Bridge: C Bm Am Bm C Bm D ...can't wear my mask....your first, my last
Solo: G -E-------------------------------------------------------------------B-----------------------------5/3-----------------------------------G---4/5/4----------4(5)-4------------4/5/4----------4/5/4-----------D---------5---5--5---------5----------------5---5-----------5---5---A-----------5---------------------------------5---------------5-----E-------------------------------------------------------------------
Em - GE--------------------------------------------------------B---5-5/7--8~--------------------------------------------G--------------9-7-9~--7~-------4-5-4--------------------D---------------------------------------5~~~-------------A--------------------------------------------------------E--------------------------------------------------------
G (fill) Em two birds is what they'll see...getting lost upon their C G rolls by Chorus: D Em C Em D Em D Em ...low light...eye sight...low light.i don't need the light Bridge: C Bm Am Bm C Bm Am Bm C Bm D ...i'll find my way from wrong, what's real,our dream i see End: D. Any comments or anything else e-mail me at
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